Our Story

Change is inevitable. Personal change, social change, environmental change, they are all happening, all the time, and will continue to happen whether we like it or not. As humans, we change due to many factors but predominantly through exposing ourselves to ideas, opinions, thoughts, and stories as delivered by other humans, generally conveyed through worded conversations. By carefully curating the sources, the content and the standard of these conversations, we can begin to author more meaningful changes in our lives.


The Atomic Shift idea was born out of this rather simple realisation - that every small (atomic) change (shift) is crucial as they all add up to the sum change we hope to call progress.

Atomic Shift is run by a handful of dedicated and hard working weekend warriors. We all share the same passion for meaningful conversations that can have a truly positive impact on our world. Through our work, we aim to harness the brilliance of many minds and share the stories, thoughts, opinions and ideas that we believe matter. Our story as Atomic Shift has certainly begun, and we are excited about authoring a meaningful future for us and our world, in our own atomic way.

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